Losing land, losing nature.


image013The Mossom Creek Salmon Hatchery lies in the middle of some of the most amazing forested lands and has remained, for the most part, undeveloped. The land it sits on and is surrounded by is owned by Imperial Oil. Unfortunately, the land is now up for sale and because of that, we may lose one incredible pocket of land that we’ll never be able to recover. The hatchery land is really unique and special because of it’s bio-diversity. It’s inhabited and travelled by A LOT of wildlife (I know this because a lot of that wildlife visits my backyard as well). Unfortunately I’ve learned that development companies and businesses don’t always want to do the “green” thing or the right thing so it’s up to people like us to give them reasons to plan development with those trees, those animals and that habitat in mind.  I can’t imagine the work of  all the hundreds of volunteers that have helped at the hatchery over the last 30 years could all be destroyed in the interests of making money. This is where the politicians come in because they can actually help determine what can and can’t be done on a site and I hope that our local politicians will come together to try to preserve as much of the Ioco lands as possible and be responsible and do the right thing. I know sometimes that means it costs more or takes longer but it’s much easier to preserve habitats now rather than try to bring them back years from now when people realize the mistakes they’ve made. Make a difference and have your voice heard. Write your local policiticans or attend city council meetings to express your opinion. In the words of Barak Obama, “one voice can change a room…your voice can change the world”. I was invited to voice my opinion at a  gathering of politicians and individuals who are trying to find ways to stop developers from destroying what took nature years to develop. See photo above.

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