My Latest Work


Deer visit us all year but especially in the spring and summer. The same families return to our yard each year. One of the Moms always has twins. This is “Stuey” – one of the twins. It seems like they are so young when they have to leave their Moms and survive on their own. This “teenager” kept coming back to us because he grew up in our yard. His antlers were only three or four inches long at the time. I got a photo of him one day and painted him from the photo. I didn’t know it would be one of the last times I saw him. He probably moved on and maybe he even has a family of his own now.


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  1. Miranda,

    This is a beautiful painting! I just love how you have used the color to show the warm, reflected sunlight on the head and neck and the way the light shows through the thin flesh of the deer’s ears. Wonderful eye, too. I know from experience it’s not easy to capture the combination of hard and soft edges in a reflection to portray the smooth, wet surface of the eyeball, but you have managed it beautifully. This deer is alive!

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